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A fire alarm system is a crucial element in protecting your facility and employees from harm. Each geographic region has its own legislation mandating the minimum amount of protection each building needs in order to be protected from fire. Businesses must meet fire inspection regulations each year based on the business they conduct on their premises. has the expertise needed to help design and install the system you need to meet regulations and to go beyond those standards to ensure the maximum protection possible from a life-threatening fire.

Fire Alarm System Design
Fire alarm system design must be performed by a company licensed by the state or township, such as Sensors detect smoke and fire and connect to a main control unit that digitally transmits an alarm signal to a central station as dictated through the National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72).

The design may include: alarm initiating devices, alarm notification appliances, control units, fire safety control devices, manual pull and manual call stations, power supplies, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, wiring, and more.

Addressable Fire Alarm System
An addressable fire alarm system is a more flexible and intelligent form of fire protection. It has an analog connection and better controls a larger facility with more complex requirements. In many townships Fire Marshall's require that any new installation of a system must be addressable. In these systems, detectors throughout the premises have their own address which communicates to the main control panel and report on activity at that site. In the event of a fire, the location of the fire is determined much faster allowing for the proper actions to be taken. offers a number of different options in an addressable system.

Conventional Fire Alarm System
A conventional system is typically used in smaller buildings where an addressable system is not required or only requires a small number of devises. These systems can be a more cost effective solution for smaller applications. offers a number of different options in a conventional system., a premier provider of security systems, is located in Central Pennsylvania and services Central and Easter PA. For years, we have been providing clients with the necessary fire protection for their facilities and complexes. At we can help you choose the most effective and cost efficient system to meet your needs.


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