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Our rates are very simple:  we either bid on your project and stick by that bid..... or we can charge time and materials for the job. 

Smaller jobs where we are on your site for a day or less lend themselves to time and materials billing - regular hours Installation/Repair time.  Material rates vary, but we will give you a firm rate on material pricing once we know more about the job.  Call us for a quote on your commercial or residential network.

There are so many variables in construction types and building requirements that we need to talk to you or visit the site to give a firm quotation.  Some things that you need to consider are the type of cabling that you need to make your network work for you, often category 3 is fine for most telephone requirements and category 5e is good for most data networks.  Plenum rated cable is required in some buildings and that adds to material costs.

What are Cat ratings?  They are industry standards for rating the data carrying capacity of cables used in a structured network:

Category 1 and 2 are not recommended for voice or data installation.

Category 3 cable (Cat3) is used for many telephone applications, supports bandwidth up to a minimum of 16MHz and can support 10Base-T Ethernet and 100Base-T Ethernet.  We only recommend Cat3 for voice applications.

Category 4 cable (Cat4) not recommended for new installations, supports bandwidth up to a minimum of 20 MHz.

Category 5 cable (Cat5) replaced by Cat5e which has more testing requirements.

Category 5e cable (Cat5e) supports bandwidth up to a minimum of 100MHz, supports 100Base-T Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.  This works great for most data network applications and will be more than adequate for most businesses for many years. 

Category 6 cable (Cat6) is rated to support bandwidth up to a minimum of 250MHz.  More expensive than Cat5e, but if you are going to be in the same location for the next ten or more years you might want to take a serious look at this as your data network cabling choice. 

Category 7 cable (Cat7) this standard is still under development but it looks like it will be rated to 600MHz or higher. 

The higher the bandwidth, the faster your structured network is designed to handle.   In general, the higher speed that your network is designed to handle the higher the cost of materials and labor to build that network.


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